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O'Donnell, Andrea Lynn

Andrea O'Donnell one of the Potemkin's engineering officers. Born and raised on Mars to a family of Irish/American descent, her mother's name is Janene, and no siblings are known. She stated that she decided to become an engineer after taking apart her family's replicator when she was 6, and put it back together better than it was before.

Early on she wanted to serve on a starship, but her parents made sure that she went through the academy and became an officer instead of simply enlisting. She was in the same graduating class as Alan MacCoroy, who later served with her on the Potemkin.

On the Potemkin she became quickly known as "that brunette" after the ship's bartender, Jim, tried to match her with Dr. Thomas Arnet without telling him her name. Eventually the two met and had a fairly steady relationship for the ensuing three and half years.

At the end of 2381 she accepted a transfer to the USS Canaday to become the ship's Assistant Chief Engineer. She was lost tragically a few months later when the Canaday's engineering section was torn open by micro-singularities and she was pulled out into space. She was declared dead shortly after the accident.

She was sorely missed by Arnet and often appeared in dreams and full out hallucinations. During one such "visitation" her shade managed to predict the future, prompting questions of her actual demise. In an even stranger twist of fate, she managed to appear in the October Lounge, alive and well, during "Dia De Los Muertos" after somehow using Counselor Jordan's empathic abilities.

Unfortunately, the transition from alive to dead had left her dazed and confused. She either couldn't or refused to speak, and exhibited diminished and expanded brain function - sometimes at the same time. According to Jordan, she was living her life in non-linear terms; one day she was 5, and the next 18. No solution to this problem has been found yet.

When an unknown presence, reading as a diffuse neural reading, was causing the crew to experience intense emotions Jordan postulated that it could maybe be Andrea's psyche somehow disembodied with her body.

When the Potemkin was sent to investigate an anomaly in the deep Beta Quadrant, Andrea's condition became a bit difficult. According to Arnet, she became obsessed with drawing a blue haze on every sheet of paper she could find. The closer they got to the anomaly, the more agitated she became. After running into a caravan of ships moving toward the anomaly, the doctor became concerned that her condition could have something to do with the Arbiter of Terenthi mythology, who was described as appearing as a blue haze.

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