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A young lieutenant serving as a Life Science officer on the bridge of the Potemkin during "Accidental Promotions." A Minarian empath, he was left mute during the accident that crippled the Potemkin. It took some doing, but he was able to relay his thoughts through crude sign language.

It was Norrin who figured out that most of the air and water on ship was in the process of being recycle and therefore inaccessible. He and Commander Arkin were sent to fix the problem. He also came up with the idea of using a carrier wave to communicate with the rest of the ship.

He rose through the ranks and eventually was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. When a series of ghastly murders took place aboard the Potemkin, Norrin was found under a personal cloaking device and thought to be the murderer. However, it was found that he was bound and sedated; it was all a ruse set up by the true culprit, Lieutenant Mercoledi. Unfortunately, soon after being revealed, Mercoledi was able to shoot Norrin with a phaser set on kill, ending the Minarian's life.

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