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Mitchell, James B.

Fleet Captain James B. Mitchell, or "Warp" as he's generally known, is the commanding officer of the USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C. An engineer who slowly worked his way up through the ranks, Warp is still not quite used to the idea of sitting in THE CHAIR™ (as the captain's chair was known during his time as a junior officer).

Warp was born in Arizona on Earth, and in a twist of irony, was raised an avid sailor. Shortly after his posting on the Potemkin he befriended fellow engineer Frank Hernandez, a friendship that resulted in many headaches for the senior staff. As a lieutenant he was given various posts including chief of operations and chief shuttlecraft controller, but he eventually returned to engineering and shared chief engineering duties with First Lieutenant Hernandez. Around this time, he was married to Aimée Mitchell, and the couple soon found itself expecting children – twins.

The engineer's promising career and life were cut short by a navigational malfunction during a vacation to Risa. His shuttlecraft, operating on autopilot with a set of outdated charts, entered an asteroid field at warp speed. It was obliterated, leaving only charred rock and a communicator badge behind.

After several years, Warp was given another chance at life. Using a stored transporter pattern (that, unbeknownst to her, had been modified), his sister Jeannine reconstituted him in 2377. The lost time left him physically younger than his birthdate would suggest – and complicated Starfleet recordkeeping considerably. He returned to his home aboard the USS Potemkin and its familiar engineering compartment. Unfortunately, not all was unchanged – he learned that his wife, Aimée, had died in childbirth. This loss troubled him for several years.

Shortly after his return to the Potemkin, Warp made the acquaintances of Tom Arnet and Prax Jarvin, two new crewmembers. The trio soon developed fast friendships, friendships that have thus far endured for years – and, if the histories of alternate timelines hold true, will continue to for decades to come.

Following the transfer of Captain Christiaan Back to serve as the first commander of Starbase 27 (the former Empok Nor), Warp was promoted to the rank of captain and given command of the Potemkin. First officer Garrett Brighton departed the ship after a year, and Bajoran rising star Prax was appointed to replace him.

Repercussions of Warp's technologically-induced resurrection eventually surfaced. The modified transporter pattern was the result of an experiment Warp had been conducting in the mid-2370s, and the results ran afoul of the Federation's genetic engineering laws. A court martial was held, but Warp was acquitted on a technicality – the modifications themselves meant that he was not the same James Mitchell who had altered the pattern and violated the law. He retained his command.

Repeatedly during his command of the Potemkin-C, Warp faced off against the Wotal, an aggressive race from the Izar Sector known for their domination of a neighboring species, the Nerians. Not long after a confrontation with Warp and his crew, a Wotal military commander named Rin executed a coup and took control of the planet's government (TEM: "Excelsior Nights"). Rin maintained a fervent hatred of Warp for the remainder of his life, going so far as to try to disrupt Earth's timeline to strike at his nemesis. Warp killed Rin during a firefight on the surface of Wotal Prime in 2385 (TEM: "Of Peace, Part III (Fin)"). He developed a friendship with Ser, leader of an opposition to Rin's rule and later a Wotal leader in her own right.

Warp has been involved in an on-again off-again relationship with First Lieutenant Katie Kelson for several years. The pair met at the wedding of Warp's friend Prax and Potemkin officer Kalie Corin. Kelson became a JAG officer over the course of her career and served to defend Warp during his court martial. The pair met again in 2387 and exchanged a series of letters, but ultimately did not rekindle a relationship.

Living with Warp for most of his time aboard the Potemkin was his pet beagle, Tasha. She became his companion during his time as a junior officer aboard the ship, and was not with him during the accident that claimed his life. She was cared for by his family between his death and his return to life, and remained at his side during much of his time as captain (and later fleet captain, and admiral). Tasha died in late 2387, during the ship's failed rescue mission to Romulus at the time of its destruction.

In 2388, Warp was appointed commander of the Izar Fleet, with a nominal posting on Starbase 22. He retained the Potemkin-C as his flagship, and remained her official commander, though he spent extended periods away during 2388 and 2389. As of 2390, he continued to hold his Izar Fleet assignment.

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