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Marquez, Hector

Security officer and Lieutenant on the Potemkin. He had a reputation of being wound tight and had a very "by-the-book" attitude about ship operations. He constantly saluted Warp and announced a command officer's presence on the bridge. His reputation was such that Captain Mitchell once remarked "One never knows what Marquez will do on the bridge... He's liable to salute anything that moves."

It was this attitude that garnered him a commendation from Commander Constanza while the latter was left in charge of the Potemkin. However, it often put him at odds with some of the command officers, such as Arkin when she was temporarily left in charge.

Marquez was in charge of tracking the rogue USS Dartmouth, a task he did very well despite the Dartmouth having made several dangerous warp turns. He also was the first to break the news to Mess Hall full of junior officers and enlisted personnel about the Federation retaking of Khitomer during the Romulan-Cardassian War. Warp was called to the bridge by him to confront Rin during a diplomatic conference with Wotal ("A Breather").

He was later killed in an accident when the Shuttlecraft Illustrious collided with an atmospheric relay over the Wotal home world. He was one of those specifically eulogized by Captain Mitchell in a ceremony in the October Lounge before the strange reappearance of Andrea O'Donnell.

His death, along with others, was the reason Lieutenant Mercoledi gave for exacting revenge against the crew of the Potemkin.

Alternate versions of Marquez were seen both on the bridge of the Alternate Potemkin and as a dead body during a more disastrous version of the Battle of Romulus.

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