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Kelson, Katie

The girlfriend and former yeoman of Captain "Warp" Mitchell, First Lieutenant Katie Kelson is a JAG officer posted aboard the USS Potemkin. She began dating Warp after meeting him at a wedding reception for then First Lieutenants Prax Jarvin and Kalie Corin.

The pair separated amicably after growing apart, amid Ms. Kelson's concerns that the ship was interfering in their relationship. Several years later, they reunited following Ms. Kelson's integral role in defending the captain during a court martial proceeding.

Kelson and Mitchell were close friends of Tom Arnet and Andrea O'Donnell, who met each other around the same time as the first couple. Ms. Kelson and Ms. O'Donnell maintained a friendship up to the point of the death of the latter aboard the USS Canaday. It is not known how Andrea's subsequent reappearance affected Katie.

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