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Jenson, Admiral

JAG officer who had jurisdiction around Starbase 74. He was noted for having a more easy-going attitude than most of his rank and was a sympathetic individual.

Jenson was in charge of the court martial proceedings of Captain Warp, Commander Arnet, and Commander Arkin. After hearing testimony from Joseph Cornell, Aren Remal, and Warp he went to confer with Admirals Anderson, Atherton, Pine, and Sorin. He frankly admitted that many of the chargers were not worthy of a court martial, but there were some that required a deeper investigation. He suspended the three on trial from active duty while he reviewed the most serious charges.

When the 'Tem returned to starbase 74 to continue hearings, Warp said he wished that Jenson was still heading the investigation instead of Admiral Yuval, because the former genuinely seemed to be seeking the truth and had no agenda.

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