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James, Tamarra (Mirror)

Commander Tamarra James is a member of Section 31 in Imperial Starfleet. She is Betazoid, and was raised by a member of Section 31 to become a ruthless operative of the organization. She usually introduces herself by name, and does not reveal her rank.

First encountered by the crew of the USS Potemkin during “A Sense Of Trust,” Tamarra James showed immediately that she had no qualms about maiming, killing or creating emotional turmoil in order to gain her objectives.

In order to apply pressure to the crew at a time when she wanted access to a non-existent device, she first pumped synthetic pheromones into the atmosphere, then captured Doctor Ceja. She wounded Ceja and left her to die. When needed, she displayed images of the dying woman to the bridge crew, and monitored the results of their reactions to the stimuli.

It became apparent that she had an ulterior motive for visiting the USS Potemkin other than this device. This reason becomes clear during the events of "Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry."

During the events of "The Wrong Side Of The Dragon," Tamarra brought the entire crew under the influence of a strange device that used their stolen DNA to alter their perceptions of reality. Once again, she prodded their emotions, causing them to think for several long moments that she had kidnapped Ambassador Bom Mobom, someone close and dear to the crew.

Tamarra James appeared to consider the crew of the Potemkin to be in an experiment that she is creating.

During a cataclysmic reshuffle of the time lines, Tamarra's world and dimension changed. No longer in the clutches of Imperial Starfleet, her universe adopted other cultural norms. Tamarra changed at this time as well. Her former polished style became more rough, and less prepared. In some ways she appears more sympathetic, in others less so.

Evidence shows that Tamarra James takes young children and trains them to work in her organization. She is often brutal in her methods. The children tend to call her "Mother." She has an unknown number of fanatically loyal followers at her beck and call as a result.

During the events of "Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry," Tamarra swapped Lt. Commander Melina Terrell for the version in her dimension. She performed surgery upon Melina, allowing her longer periods of time without her environmental suit.

Tamarra James, for reasons unknown, created a child using a mixture of DNA from Drogan Aklar, Doctor Teagan Ceja, Warp, and herself. The child, Owain, has medical issues which she cannot solve. She 'gives' him to Warp, asking that Warp looks after Owain and possibly solves this.

Also due to the timelines being 'corrected,' Tamarra has two new advisors: Teagan Ceja, Engineer. Falco, who seems to have no particular job title, but appears to run a vast spy network at the very least.

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