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Hyt, Zeldon

Zeldon Hyt first presented himself as a member of Starfleet Intelligence, specializing in terrorist operations, but was later revealed to be an agent of the secret Federation organization Section 31.

On stardate 64067.4, Hyt was assigned to debrief the crew of the USS Potemkin concerning their infiltration of Targ's Arse, a notorious smuggler's planet laden with booby traps. (TEM: "A Thing or Two About Loyalty," "Indistinguishable from Magic, Part I")

On Stardate 64069.5, Hyt was discovered to be complicit in a scheme to make it look as though Starfleet Intelligence Agent Bill Tankersley had died in the line of duty, while laying blame for a disruption in the Potemkin's computer system on Nicole Cervanny. With Mr. Nguyen's help, it was revealed that Hyt was acting as a member of Section 31. When last seen, he was being carted off to the Potemkin brig. (TEM: "A Thing or Two About Loyalty, Part II")

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