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Henry is the nickname given to Hatchling 174521290 of Brood 5872 of Queen 238-Mate 47, one of the caterpillar-people of the Andromeda Galaxy. He was brought back to Milky Way during the war with the Sun King in 2386. Henry was designated an engineer by birth and was among the chief operators of the Sun King's power station - the Stellar Manipular. He joined the crew of the Potemkin during an incident involving the transportation of the Caterpillar People to Castelax IV. His abilities proved invaluable in fixing the dilitihum matrix.

After encountering and befriending the Potemkin crew on the Manipulator, Henry escaped the Sun King's thrall and was among the 100 caterpillar-people brought back to the Sol System by the Potemkin. It was during this time that Commander Bom extended an invitation to join the Potemkin.

Henry was nicknamed by Doctor Arnet as a way of easing communication between the crew and Henry.

Henry prefaces his statements with various noises that approximate to the statement's intent. Examples: Slis - "General Statement;" Yaza-"Happy statement;" Yazaym - "Ecstatic;" Gurg - "Annoyance."

As well as verbal queues, Henry uses his antennae and mandibles as a form of gesticulation.

He's holds the Honorary Rank of Warrant Officer aboard the Potemkin.

Henry's coloration is black, white and yellow.

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