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De-lassoran, Lieutenant

Member of the JAG office stationed at Starbase 74, noted for a long white mustache. De-lassoran was part of the legal team put together to prosecute Warp, Arkin, and Arnet against charges brought by the investigation of Joseph Cornell and Aren Remal.

De-lassoran was sent to meet with Warp and Katie Kelson, acting as the captain's council, to offer a deal. In exchanged for Warp pleading guilty, the prosecution would drop any charges relating to the destruction of the Navarre and reduce any temporal violations to third degree charges. Arnet and Arkin would have been let go, but transferred off the ship, along with Prax. Warp himself would also be reassigned and out of command. He let Warp and Kelson have some time to consider the offer.

Warp contacted De-lassoran after experiencing a version of Hollywood, Earth in 1951 where he/Rick Brandley had stood up to being intimidated by Joseph McCarthy's anti-communist witch hunt. Warp thanked the Lieutenant for the offer, but declined to have his day in court.

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