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Bom, Mobom (alt).

Bom's counterpart from the alternate dimension. His mother and father had been killed in a freak accident and a supposed Grey Coat bombing, respectively, during his first year at the Academy. He was subsequently plucked out of the system by Starfleet and assigned to developed advanced technologies. In these labors he had been eventually assisted by Thomas Arnet and a version of Specialist Duran. It was Bom who had helped developed the technology used by the alternate Starfleet to cross dimensions.

After the events of "Discontinuity," the Gray Coats had taken over Earth and shut down Bom and his (mostly unethical) experiments. He vowed revenge on Thomas Arnet except he could not find him anywhere. Figuring that he had slipped over the dimensional barrier to avoid being found, Bom himself crossed over to search him out. Once he managed to get on the Potemkin, he sent the real Bom away on a Pakled ship and impersonated the Chief Engineer.

He then approached Warp as Bom and suggested a complete system diagnostic. With the shipped stopped and most systems down, he then took over the bridge (killing a security officer in the process), took hostages, and demanded to know where Thomas was. He didn't believe the crew's assertion that Thomas had died two years before - and was eventually proven right when Arnet revealed that he actually was Thomas.

However, the crew got the better of Bom took him into custody. It was revealed that he had sabotaged the warp engines during the system diagnostic, but this plan too was foiled. Unfortunately, he was able to break out of custody and critically injure Thomas and transported both of them back to his home dimension before the crew could react.

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