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Atherton, Admiral

Starfleet Admiral who has consulted with the Potemkin on many different occasions.

He initially contacted the 'Tem to inform them of the Wotal terrorist plot to destroy the Nerian sun and ordered the crew to help in the evacuation of Neria.

Warp later contacted him to file a formal protest about the rejection of the Kuvanahru's request to join the Federation. Although initially unwilling to help out, he promised to personally take it to the Federation Council. Later he contacted the Potemkin to let them know the decision had been over turned and the Kuvanahru could join the Federation.

He was later contacted during the medical mission to Klach D'Kel Brach and told Warp that the Federation could not get involved in rising hostilities between the Romulans and Klingons. At the end of that same mission, he informed the crew that Klach D'Kel Brach had fallen. After the fall of Klach D'Kel Brach, he had the fleet gather at Boreleias.

He was at the defense of Sol III and announced the arrival of the Ferenigi, and the USS Devonshire with the Gorn.

Atherton gave the fateful order to attack and retake Qo'noS to the Potemkin and Gamma Group.

Later on, he arrived around Neria aboard the USS Utrecht to announce negociations to admit the planet into the Federation. He put Warp in command of a flotilla consisting of the Potemkin, the Trafalgar, the de Ruyter, and the Bellerophon. He also brought battlefield promotions for Prax, Bom, MacCory.

Command was temporarily transferred to Atherton on the Utrecht while the 'Tem was disabled by a Wotal Trojan horse.

After fighting of the Wotal from the surface of Neria, Atherton greeted the crew with the news that Neria had been admitted into the Federation and that the 'Tem could go on its mission.

Admiral Jenson confirmed with Atherton during the court martial proceedings of Captain Mitchell, Commander Arnet, and Commander Arkin.

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