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Arnet, Thomas Anthony (alt.)

Tom Arnet's alternate universe counterpart, Thomas Arnet. Without a stable institute like Starfleet in the normal universe, this version of Arnet stayed in the asylum for years and had developed a loud, flamboyant, and unstable personality.

He was recruited by Captain Roacher to sneak aboard the Potemkin after Tom Arnet's return from the Alternate Universe. He had been given a special probe to insert into Arnet's brain and slowly drive him mad. This probe and the interdimensional transport were developed with the help of the alternate version of Bom.

He was captured by the crew, but ultimately proved to be helpful during the first crossover into the alternate universe. He was responsible for shutting down the Canaday's power during the battle over Memory Alpha.

He then joined the Grey Coat faction and was serving aboard the alternate U.S.S. Potemkin as an Ops officer. Nearly three and a half years later, he accessed the probe in Tom Arnet's brain to forcefully bring Warp and Prax over to the alternate universe in order to masquerade as their counterparts.

Later, during the raid on the Canaday to rescue Captain Mitchell, he betrayed the crew, ostensiously because the plan they came up with was too daft. However, this was a ruse as he knew he could escape from anywhere on the Canaday.

Ever unremorseful, he did not apologize for any of his actions. He did redeem himself slightly when he jumped in front of a Romulan disruptor that Captain Roacher had aimed at Captain Mitchell and was instantly disintegrated.

It would be revealed two and a half years later that Thomas had, in fact, not died but had injected himself with energy sensitive transporting nanites that had simply used the power from the disruptor to send himself over to the 'Tem's dimension. There he spent over two years simply drifting through the galaxy before trying to head back home. When he suspected there was some more inter-dimensional tampering he smuggled himself back onto the 'Tem and impersonated Doctor Arnet. Unfortunately, the tampering he suspected was actually the alternate Bom coming across in search of him, and he was forced to reveal himself to keep the deranged Bolian from killing hostages. After Thomas had let down his personal forcefield, Bom shot him with a modified phaser that began burning Thomas like acid. Unfortunately, Bom escaped and dragged Thomas back to their home dimension with him - and has not been seen since.

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