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Arnet, Thomas Anthony

Serious and brooding, Thomas "Tom" Arnet is the 'Tem's Chief Medical Officer. Although a talented doctor and surgeon, his bedside manner leaves much to be desired. Most of the crew have come to respect his talent and deal with his cynical and pessimistic attitude.

He came on board right after graduating the Academy and assigned as an assistant medical officer. He was later promoted through the various ranks of Lieutenant during and right after Captain Back's tenure as the Potemkin's captain.

During the events of "Do No Harm" he participated in the virtual destruction and genocide of the Acorian people. Shortly afterward he was promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer, and later assumed the position of Chief Medical Officer after the departure of Doctor Ann Franklin.

He also accidentally traveled to an alternate dimension during the events of "The Alternate" where he influenced a rebellion occurring in that time line. Around this time he began seeing Lieutenant Andrea O'Donnell after being set up by the ship's bartender.

Later that year, in the episode "Insanity," he was driven to madness and hijacked the 'Tem before eventually being stopped. It was later revealed that he was driven mad as part of a complicated scheme of revenge that resulted from his stint in the alternate universe. Although the full plot was stopped, Arnet still had to spend the next few years in an asylum on Earth regaining his sanity.

After returning, he was again assigned as Chief Medical Officer. It was at this time he proved instrumental during "In The Line Of Duty" and started a small relationship with Danielle Beorning. Ultimately he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Commander. Starting with the events of "Awakening From the Dark" he was briefly assigned as Executive Officer before turning the position over to a returning Commander Prax.

Various different versions of Arnet have been seen in many alternate histories the Potemkin has encountered. He was seen 20 years in the future as CO of the medical ship Atropos, having married Danielle Beorning and fought through the Second Romulan War ("Here Comes Tomorrow"). Another version of him was seen as a tough, no-nonsense XO who had quit medical practice after the death of Prax Jarvin ("What Is And Never Should Be"). In the fake holo-program Star Trek: Potemkin, he was portrayed by the fiction Trill actor Torias Olan ("Lights, Camera, Potemkin!"). He was later seen as a chaplain for "Faith" when Rin altered the timeline ("For Aierton and Pride"). He was also seen as CMO of the Potemkin and married to Andrea O'Donnell in consequence of Lieutenant Nguyen changing history ("From Nguyen, With Love/The Luckiest Man In Starfleet"). He has also been dead or died in several alternate futures ("Hard Aground," "Round-A-Bout," "The Eleventh Hour"). It should be noted that in most alternate futures he appears with a severe limp and using a cane.

An alternate version of himself, from the other dimension he once visited, who calls himself "Thomas", has plagued the 'Tem on many different occasions.

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