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Citadel, The (Starbase 22)

The Citadel was originally designed to be the primary starbase for the Tserran colony world of Kitoiba. Construction on the Citadel began in early 2370 in orbit of Kitoiba, however peace talks between the Tserrans, and Fiorans were already underway. By 2384, the mighty Citadel, was only a third of the way completed, and had largely been forgotten. When the Tserran government officially joined the United Federation of Planets in 2385, the Citadel was all but abandoned, only a skeleton maintenance crew remained. With the destruction of two different Starbase 22's at Izar in the year 2390, the Tserran government offered Starfleet the unfinished Citadel. It was dismantled into the largest towable pieces possible, and moved to its new location of Izar. After twenty years, the Citadel was finally finished, and completed in the year 2390, with its new mission as the home base of the Izar Fleet, and recently the bulk of the T.D.F. 2nd Fleet. Along with the Citadel, the T.D.F. also transferred command of a small picket force for the newly minted Starbase 22 to the Izar Fleet.

Starbase Technical Information

Diameter: 1300 Meters

Draft: 1000 Meters

Mass: 10,000,000 metric tons

Levels: 80

Crew: 500-2000 Personnel
With a maximum capacity of 6000
(Not accounting for civilians, and visiting personnel.)

Docking facilities

4 Large Docking Ports (Capable of docking, and performing minor repairs on Galaxy class vessels, or equivalent.)
6 Medium Sized Docking Bays (Capable of docking, and performing repairs on Intrepid class vessels, or equivalent.)
10 Small Docking Bays (Capable of docking, and performing repairs on Defiant class vessels, or equivalent.)
1 Large Hangar Bay for Shuttles, Runabouts, and Fighter Craft ( 200 Mediator V Starfighters for General Defense/CAG/Military Operations.)


150 Railgun Emplacements (Turrets and Gun Ports/Bays)
300 Point Defense Railgun Emplacements (Blisters all over the surface of the main hull), capable of anti-fighter, and point defense work.
100 HV-09 Cannon Batteries. (Gun Bays/Ports) (Single Shot, Manual Load, Manual Aim)
30 HV-10 Cannon Batteries (Gun Bays/Ports) (Six Cylinder, Revolving Cannon, Manual Load, Manual Aim)


Tserran Covariant Shield Arrays (High shield capacity, but lower than average kinetic damage rating)
Tserran Deflector Shields (Not true shields, it is a highly reflective hull, with a curved EM field. Used to deflect or mitigate energy weapons.)
Tserran Bubble Shields (A thin jelly like shield used as a temporary last ditch defensive measure. They have not been shown to be overly effective in combat situations, however they have on a few occasions been credited with saving a ship or Starbase.)


The Citadel's armor plating consists of multiple layers of protective armor.
The outermost layer is a thin sheet of Bronzium, which offers decent protection, and makes the hull shine brightly, providing part of the mechanism that makes up the "Deflector shield".
Underneath that is skin of Polyduranium.
Below that is a layer of Monotanium Alloy plates meant to absorb shock, and kinetic damage, this sits on top of a reinforcing Magnoceramic Lattice Mesh.


The Starbase contains facilities within its docking bays to handle minor to moderate starship repair.
The Starbase also contains a moderate promenade, and recreational facilities, including bars, restaurants, shops, and standard Starfleet recreational facilities such as holodecks...etc.

Computer Core(s)

Four (4) CSC01-2297 Crystalline Computer Cores

Power plant(s)

Zero-Point Crystal Refractor System: Three (3) 5000+ Cochrane Reactors.
Note: (The Zero-Point Crystal Refractors supply power to all of the Citadel’s systems.)
Sub Note: (The Crystals used in the Zero-Point reactors are a synthetic crystal only produced by Tserran's at specially made facilities.
These Crystals provide Zero-Point energy when hit by certain energy beams, like those used in the reactor.
The Reactor is specially shielded and designed to harness this Zero-Point energy for use. Direct use of the Zero-Point energy is at this time impossible, as it would overload and burn out all systems on the station. To that end the energy is trickled into special batteries for later use.)

Outer Rings

Aside from the aforementioned armament, and defenses. The Citadel is surrounded by three Stanford Torus type Rings. These rings are peppered with Railguns, Point Defense Railguns, HV-09 Cannons, and HV-10 cannons in a much higher proportion than that of the Starbase proper. Essentially these rings, are nothing more than massive defenses. The first outer ring is formidable enough, but this is only the first layer of defense. After that the going for an attacker gets harder. Actively defended, the Citadel will hold out for a very long time.

Auxiliary Picket Vessels

1 Leviathan Class Battle Cruiser, T.D.V. Kavod
2 Leva'na Class Light Cruisers, T.D.V. Shekhet, and T.D.V. Shalva'ne
4 Gidi'yon Class Destroyers, T.D.V. Tsirrah, T.D.V. Dabur, T.D.V. Ak'rev, T.D.V. Par'osh
30 Yar'den Class Light Patrol Vessels (Equivalent to a Starfleet Danube Runabout)

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