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The Hollow (asteroid belt)

A stable asteroid belt orbiting a yellow star near Tholian space. The asteroids proved to be rich in dilithium and a group of enterprising dilithium farmers had set up a mining operation on a few of the larger asteroids. Because of its proximity to Tholian space, a rather odd legend had grown up around the place. The legend claimed that a Tholian had tried to build a ship capable of going out of phase with the rest of space. The test was unsuccessful and the pilot was ripped from his cockpit into space. The inhabitants of the mining facility claimed that the pilot-less ship still haunted the area.

The Potemkin visited the Hollow in order to pick up the first batch of recently mined dilithium. While there, an away team was invited by Vant Assel, the leader of the group, to a "harvest" celebration. They became aware of the eccentric Professor Krayne and his rival Van Brom over Assel's daughter, Katrina. Meanwhile, the ship ran into what appeared to be a phantom Tholian which phased in and out of normal space. Eventually this ship disappeared completely and possibly took out a shuttle carrying Krayne.

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