A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Stellar Fountain

A large anti-proton source that sudden appeared deep in the Beta Quadrant, 20,000 LY from Federation observatories. It was first noticed in mid-2384, and apparently had only been in existence for a month or two. Curiously, it was definitely a natural occurrence, but Arkin recognize the anti-proton subspace frequency as one used by Professor Krayne for his research of beings living in subspace.

The Federation became aware of the fountain shortly after the Ascendent failed to take Bajor. They sent out a blanket statement to all ships noting that they were studying the phenomenon and did not believe it posed any threat. The 'Tem received this message after returning to the Alpha Quadrant after a month stranded on the other side of the wormhole.

Warp theorized that this maybe have been the wormhole that Brant and Pelk may have been trading information about, and that hearsay and rumor had distorted the truth. Warp, Bom, Arkin, and Micheal examined what information they could find about the fountain and determined that, if harnessed correctly, the stellar fountain could become a potential new energy source.

The Federation Council deliberated for weeks about what should be done about the anomaly. Finally they decided to send the Potemkin on a deep space mission to observe the fountain up close. The Romulans, after originally denying the Federation access to their space to reach the anomaly, allowed the 'Tem to cross as long as they had a Romulan escort. The Romulans called the anomaly the "Star Fountain."

The Potemkin found the fountain had mobilized nearly all the deep Beta Quadrant and numerous species were traveling toward it. The 'Tem even joined a caravan of vessels heading toward it for some time.

At several light years out the light from the anomaly was so bright that Potemkin's viewscreen and portholes were at near full opacity. Ships also had to keep their shields up because of the strong antiproton beams being unleashed by the fountain.

The anomaly stirred up a good deal of religious fervor among many different species. The Terenthi called it the Celestial Beacon and believed it was herald of the Arbiter, a mythological force of good. The Alirii called it Klurt's Star and believed it was the sign that Klurt the Avenger was returning. Another ship in a caravan heading toward it referred to it as the "Eternal Flame." The Malthusians called it "the Astralion" and said the first to reach it would be shown "the secret of the stars."

Bom jokingly referred to it as "The Great Pie Hole" while Tora nicknamed it "Steve."

It also became something of cut-throat competition between races to reach it first. The Malthusians used their empathic powers to manipulate Rollands, in order to hamper the ship's progress. The Miino invaded the Potemkin and erased the mind of the crew to steal the faster Starfleet vessel and reach "the anomaly" first. An unknown race set up elaborate mines that wreaked havoc with ship's and destroyed them to keep others from reaching "the Eye."

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