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Unroth System

Unroth System: Singular Star System in the Beta Quadrant Onias Sector of Romulan Space

Star: - Unroth; Class F Star (White). Temperature: 6,500 Kelvin

Planets: - Unroth I; Class B Planet (Geomorteus) Partially molten, high surface temperature. Diameter: 8,000 km.

  • Unroth II; Class M Planet (Terrestrial) Extensive Vegetation. Colonized by Romulans: 2120. Diameter: 15,000 km.

  • Unroth III; Class P Planet (Glaciated). Planet is completely covered in ice. Diameter: 10,000 km.

Points of Interest: Only 2 LY from the Romulan Side of the Neutral Zone, the Unroth system is often neglected by the Star Empire. Unroth II, on the other hand, is the sector's largest Romulan populated planet. Occupied since 2120 by the Romulans, Unroth II has been a large industrial supplier to the Star Empire and has a large stake in ship building. Unroth II's Spacedock is homebase for both the Unroth Defense Fleet and the Onias Sector Patrol Group.

In mid-2379, Unroth II was attacked by Reman terrorists. A group called the Reman Resistance crashed a shuttle into the main industrial compound. The USS Potemkin was called in to assist in the investigation. The 'Tem was able to help Commander Servos and, then Lieutenant, Rokan piece together the attack and catch those responsible. While leaving the system, a Reman ship destroyed the Romulan Warbird Patamos in such a way that its artifical quantum singularity grew and grew. Reports indicate that the "Patamos Rift" is 1 LY in diameter and blocks any direct path to Unroth from the Federation. Sector Patrol and Unroth Defense Fleet went against orders to help out the Federation during the Trai'Dar War. Many of the StarFleet Captains that survived the Battle of Galorndon Core agree that the battle would've been lost if not for the Romulan aid.

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