A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


The Accipiter was commanded by Commander Rokan during the Battle of Romulus. Rokan was one of several Romulans commanders who sided with the Federation against the Romulan Star Empire.

The Accipiter helped the Potemkin protect the struggling Trafalgar while Prax transferred over to take command.

Rokan appeared in command of the Accipiter again when the 'Tem was waiting on the edge of the Neutral Zone for permission to cross Romulan space on their way to the antimatter anomaly. Rokan was able to convince the Praetor to let the 'Tem pass and allow the Accipiter to accompany the Federation vessel.

The Accipiter followed the Potemkin across Romulan space and into the the regions beyond. It was briefly left behind while the Federation vessel investigated massive energy signals coming from an uninhabited world. The Accipter's warlike construction impressed the Alirii and helped eased the integration of the Romulans and Potemkin into a caravan going to the Stellar Fountain.

Unfortunately, while crossing through a stellar nursery, gravimetric sheer caused one of the caravan's ships to crash into the Accipter's right wing, heavily damaging the ship. Realizing it couldn't press on, it turned around and limped back to Romulan space.

The Malthusians used their empathic abilities to make Rollands create a false sensor image of the Accipiter to draw the Potemkin away from the caravan heading toward the Stellar Fountain.

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