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A race from deep in the Beta Quadrant. The Terenthi people are generally open, friendly, and generous. Although they have a command structure, they do not have titles or ranks to differentiate themselves.

The Terenthi also have no concept of sickness, saying their religious figure, the Arbiter, banned all ailments from their planet years ago.

Their theology consists of a belief in the return of the Arbiter, a power force of good who would defeat "the Evil One" and usher in a paradisiacal age. They have prophets, known as the Anointed Ones, who study a form of astrology to learn the Arbiter's will.

The Potemkin was first introduced to the Terenthi race while on its way to the anti-matter fountain, known to the Terenthi as the Celestial Beacon. The 'Tem joined the caravan with several other races to find the anomaly.

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