A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


Native inhabitants of Rogasa IV. They had evolved from aquatic lifeforms and contained the remnants of gills about their neck from the transformation from water to land. They were hairless, and possessed excellent eyesight (even extending into the infrared), having developed from fish having to see in the thick dark oceans of Rogasa IV.

Their society was slowly becoming industrialized, having just invented radio, but were still non-warp capable.

An away team from the 'Tem observed the local Rogasans when they beamed down under a holographic duck blind. They were trying to figure out if the Rogasans would somehow attract the attention of the passing Ascendant, who had changed course toward Rogasa IV. Unfortunately, they were discovered, first by a child who had been nearby, and later by some more of the population who could still see the away teams heat signature under the blind.

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