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General Information

The Olympians are a race of powerful, psychokinetic beings native to the Alpha Quadrant. Though humanoid in appearance, they posses the power to alter their shapes at will, hurl bolts of energy, dominate the wills of others with their minds and travel through the void of space unaided. Some Olympians have the ability to alter molecular structures with their will to alter others clothing. All Olympians have exhibited unparalleled stamina. Medical reports have shown that the Olympians have the same arrangement of vital organs as humans but they have an additional organ in their chest which grants them these abilities.

While it is not known for certain, it assumed that their homeworld is Pollux IV. Roughly 7000 years ago, the Olympians traveled to Sol III (Earth). Technologically and biologically superior to the humans of ancient Earth, they were assumed to be gods. Much of their culture was adapted for human understanding and became the basis for Greek mythology. Known members of this race include Zeus, Apollo, Ares, Hera, Athena, Hyperion, Ozymandias, Persephone, Artemis and Aphrodite. The Olympians eventually left Earth and settled on Pollux IV. By 2267, Apollo was the only Olympian still residing on Pollux IV. He mentioned that most of his race had "scattered themselves to the winds." In 2381, several more Oympians were found to be alive, living under assumed aliases across the Alpha Quadrant. At this time it is unknown if any more still exist.

Detailed History

Origins and Early History

After leaving Earth they traveled to Pollux IV, and then many went their different ways. Many simply faded away when they had no more worshipers (Hestia, for example) until there was only Apollo left on Pollux IV. He was encountered by crew of the Constitution-class Enterpise, but he eventually "spread himself on the wind" and faded like the rest. However, it is made to understand that this is not death like humans understand it. (TOS: "Who Mourns For Adonis")

Zeus had been imprisoned by his fellow beings at the Galatic Core; he would be contacted once more when Sybok, a Vulcan separatist, hijacked the Enterprise-A in hopes of finding God and Eden. The two were later joined as Zeus possessed Sybok's body (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier). Hyperion had been banished beyond the Galatic Barrier. A few others, such as Ares and Ozymandias had gone incognito and settled on a different worlds.

Dealings with the Potemkin

The crew would eventually run across Hyperion when they were stranded in the Andromeda Galaxy. While the initial meeting was tense, the Olympian eventually helped the crew returned home before going off in search of more of his kind.

Months later Zeus managed to break out of his imprisonment and possessed the USS Gilbert. The Potemkin had a disastrous encounter with the Gilbert and Zeus himself. The malignant entity possessed Bom and forced much anguish on the crew before being tricked and force to retreat in the Gilbert.

Later the crew would meet Ares on Arx Stellaris II where he had posed as Prime Minister. The encounter would be disastrous as Zeus once again appeared and the two were joined in battle. Zeus fled again, with Ares going after him.

A year later the crew would meet Ozymandias, the one who had originally imprisoned Zeus. Disturbed to hear that Zeus was once again loose, he volunteered to help trap the evil being once again. What followed next was a virtual clash of gods in which Hyperion was severely wounded and transformed into a human, Ozymandias was weakened, and Ares trapped forever fighting Zeus behind a stronger barrier.

Months after this the crew would meet a weakened Persephone who had been assimilated by the Borg. She managed to heal Melina, then both sick and in the process of being assimilated. She was gladdened to hear that some of her kind still survived before eventually melting away into nothing.

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