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Race native to the deep Beta Quadrant. Miino were taller than average humanoids, but thin and lanky, and had lavender skin.

"Marlet" was a derogatory insult to call someone in the Miinonian language.

A group of Miino, hearing about the Potemkin's superior warp engines from the caravan the Federation ship had just left, hatched a plan to steal the ship in order to arrive at the Stellar Fountain first. They somehow took over the ship and used a Nervian mind wipe to erase the crew's memory. Most of the senior officers were set adrift on the Captain's gig.

Unfortunately the Miino were unfamiliar with Federation technology and were unable to initialize warp engines. Claiming to be "Captains" two of them, Kropna and another, unsuccessfully tried to have an amnesiac Bom start up the engines for them.

The abandoned crew, following a series of clues, were able to return to the ship in time and stop the Miino.

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