A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


Empathic species that were part of the caravan heading toward the Stellar Fountain. They knew it as the "Astralion" and believed it would show the first ones to reach it "the secret of the stars."

The Malthusians believed that life was a constant struggle to survive and the universe only provided so much for the various races to live on.

In a bid to reach the Stellar Fountain first they used their empathic abilities to control Rollands - first by having her project false sensor readings of the Accipiter and then by directly inputing coordinates to take the 'Tem away from the caravan.

When confronted, their leader, Hallato, admitted to the deception and then led his ship off on its own to seek the fountain by itself.

Prax said they were notable for having an inverse warp field.

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