A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


A Gamma Quadrant race who had developed a hunt for a genetically-engineered species, Tosk. A group of hunters originally made contact with the Federation when a Tosk came through the wormhole and hid on Deep Space Nine ("Captive Pursuit" DS9).

An away team from the Potemkin encountered both Hunters and a Tosk while trying to restore the battered USS Sarajevo, which had been left in the Gamma Quadrant. The crew elected to help the Tosk, and a brief fire fight with the Hunters ensued. One of the Hunters was killed in the engagement, and the rest left when the Sarajevo began to move toward the wormhole. Tosk explained the Hunters were likely getting reinforcements, but they would not follow, as the wormhole was considered out-of-bounds for the hunt.

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