A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


The Harvesters are a race that harvest the violent ‘firestorms’ (a space storm very akin to ion storms but far more violent and unpredictable) that gather around their planet.

They are able to consume pure energy through touch and convert it to fuel for their bodies, and haven't consumed plant or animal matter for so many centuries that they are actually unable to process it any longer.

They guard their firestorms fiercely, with a heavily armed and armoured Harvest Ship circling the storm to keep out outsiders. From interactions with the race, it was implied that they have ‘lost’ many ships and peoples to the firestorms, which seem to be regarded equally as a deity, a challenge, and a food source. A bit xenophobic, but once the Potemkin crew rescued one of their own from a nearby moon, they seemed to accept them.

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