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Humanoid aliens hailing from beyond Federation space, about 30 light years. They were best know for their highly unusual social structure. Their whole society was run entirely by consensus, individual units (such as ships) would pool the opinions of all members and come to a decision from there. Majority rule was adhered to and all decisions had to be cleared by all members. This also gave them the added benefits of all could become engineers, doctors, or tactical officers should the need for it arise. Counselor Jordan noted that it was an advantageous system as one individual being killed off would not jeopardize any specific department.

The crew, however, found their constant need to arrive at consensus a bit irritating and several comments were made that they seemed like the Borg, the Pakleds, and maybe even a mix of the two.

Their technology was comparable to that of the major galactic powers but also possessed their "shared" view. All ships were linked to a central computer that would transmit needed schematics or information and even shared sensor readings from various vessels. If a ship was out of range from this computer, the necessary information would be routed through other ships to reach them.

The Potemkin first encountered the Axlorians when sensors detected an unknown ship in Federation territory that was not broadcasting any identity information. The Axlorians, on their vessel Fellowship, revealed that their transponder was offline and they could not contact the central computer to get schematics to fix it. An away team from the Potemkin helped fix the transponder, and a malfunctioning antenna to get them on their way.

The Axlorians were encountered again when a tactical training exercise in the Orlan system accidentally came across one of their science vessels, the Collaboration. The Collaboration, believing that it was under attack, began defensive firing at the Potemkin and the fighters it had launched. Warp was finally able to convince them of the mistake by recounting the incident with the Fellowship. The Axlorians backed down; Warp agreed to leave to another system but asked that they activate a transponder so no one would accidentally run into them again.

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