A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


Aquatic sister species of the Aquans. Humanoid in appearance, they have scales and crested head fins suited to their native environment. Broadly speaking, they inhabit the lower debts of their home world and avoid contact with the Aquans and any outsiders.

The Argosians were once the same species as the Aquans, but after a disastrous visit by Captain Kirk of the Enterprise, a group separated themselves from the Aquans and headed into the lower depths. They were transformed by the venom of the sur snake into their current form and became a distinct species.

The 'Tem attempted to contact the Argosians when Melina fell desperately ill and Federation medicine had no cure. The hails were answered by the Aquans, who explained the dynamics of their planets and offered what support they could to get an away team in contact with the Argosians. In an unmarked craft the away team descended toward their abode, but were met instead by a newly reappeared Micheal - who had stolen the necessary antidote from an Argosian lab. The away team turned around with out ever having a face to face meeting with the Argosians.

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