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Species indigenous to the ocean filled world of Argo. They are typically human in appearance, but with green scales and crested fin on their heads. Broadly speaking they inhabit the shallower depths of their aquatic environment while avoiding the lower depths where their sister species, the Argosians live.

Unlike the Argosians, the Aquans are peaceful people who enjoy contact with outsiders. They've even expressed interest in joining the Federation, but are unable to do so while the world is on the brink of civil war.

The Potemkin made contact with the Aquans over a hundred years after Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise while searching for a cure to the terminally ill Melina. The Aquans were surprised that there was an Argosian on board and volunteered an unmarked craft so the crew could go searching the lower depths for a cure. However, they refrained from doing anything more because of tensions with the Argosians.

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