A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


War-like race from beyond Romulan Space. The Aliriii had tall, powerful frames and skin pigmentation ranging from light chocolate to ebony with streaks of lighter skin along the neck and hairline. They had two prominent, Klingon-like ridges, on either side of their foreheads. Their hair was long and glossy, which was pulled into simple braids for men and more complex styles for women.

Members of the Alirii space armada wore plain, graphite-colored uniforms and possessed well-armed ships. While their weapons were impressive, their ships were smaller and lacked precise sensors.

The Alirii claimed to be following the principles of "Klurt the Avenger," a mythical figure who spoke "eternal words" and promised to return. Some of these teachings were that peace was a means, not an end, and that ritualistic combat was required to travel with and trust others. Alirii warriors also did not imbibe alcohol, or other substances that would cloud their minds.

Warp commented that the Alirii and the Klingons would "either get along beautifully or destroy each other with impressive haste."

The Alirii believed the Stellar Fountain in the Beta Quadrant to be "Klurt's Star" and herald his return. One of their ships was accompanying a large caravan toward the Stellar Fountain. When the Potemkin and Accipiter tried to join the caravan they were hailed by Klorath, an Alirii captain. He held the combat ritual against Lieutenant Mekiah to prove the crew's worthiness to proceed.

The Potemkin would come alongside the Alirii vessel a few days later when it volunteered to help guide the caravan through a dense stellar nursery. Klorath was suspicious of Warp's motivations but allowed it.

When the Malthusians engineered for the Potemkin to fall behind the caravan, they lied to the Alirii, saying the 'Tem decided to turn around and go home.

It was the Alirii vessel that organized four other ships to rescue the Potemkin when it was disabled from gravimetric waves generated by a magnetar. After the rest of the caravan, tired of the Potemkin's delays, left the Federation vessel behind, the Alirii chose to remain with them though they parted on friendly terms with the 'Tem.

A second Alirii vessel was encountered betting on a race held around a planetary nebula that the Potemkin accidentally found itself competing in.

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