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Beta Quadrant civilization from the planet Acoria. They are humanoid, but of a dimunitive figure. They have, or rather had, a natural lifespan of forty years. Their civilization was ruled by Prime Ministers including Kanton and later Foran.

The whole race had a fear of dying and Kanton, chief scientist and greatest medical mind of his day, invented a procedure to augment their bodies with tissues and cells with those from other species. For 400 years they broadcasted false medical distress signals to trap unsuspecting ships to harvest the crew.

This practice was put to a stop by the Potemkin in "Do No Harm." Unfortunately, a side effect of this treatment was that the entire species was now sterile and on the road to extinction. While waiting for the death of their whole species, the Acorians became increasingly religious - a fact exploited by Section 31 when they started a cult using sacred texts from Coret Prime.

This cult mentality led to a man to hunt down Arnet and nearly kill him on Starbase 27. The 'Tem returned to Acoria in "'Round Perdition's Flame" and found the connection between the cults and Section 31. Unfortuantely, there was still nothing that could be done for the Acorian people.

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