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An old Polo-class freighter that was captained by Danielle Beorning and kept together by the Romulan chief engineer Serisa. Despite its age, Bom remarked that it was better maintained and upgraded than most newer freighters.

As of the events of "In The Line of Duty" the Starcore had been stranded on Zeta Sigma III for nearly a year. During the crew's time there, the engineers were tasked with getting it space worthy again.

It accompanied the Potemkin on its rescue mission to Neria during "Meridian" and helped ferry Nerian refugees to Artemis III. It later returned to Zeta Sigma to pick up Captain Beorning.

Years later the ship was disabled in an accident over Neria. While it was being repaired, the Nerians lent Beorning and Serisa the freighter Pride of Neria.

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