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Pride of Neria

Freighter with a route out past Izar. The Potemkin encounter the ships, and the Nerian people for the first time, while patrolling in the outer regions of Izar. The Pride of Neria had been damaged by an ion storm and the 'Tem offered engineering and medical help. The fearsome Captain Rin of the Wotal, later to be a major enemy of the Captain Mitchell, appeared and claimed salvage on the vessel.

Although beaten back, Rin would later disrupt the funeral services of Yonto of Antos IV in response to not getting his claim on the Pride of Neria.

Rin's tampering with the timeline to retard the Federation was in direct response to being stopped at both previous instances where the Potemkin had been involved.

The Pride of Neria appeared again over the skies of Neria, where it helped fight off an invading Wotal shuttle. Danielle Beorning and Serisa were later revealed to be on board, after having their own ship disabled over Neria.

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