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Potemkin, Battleship

While not directly responsible for the naming of the Potemkin line, this film is an important part of Potemkin history. Directed by Sergei Eisenstein in 1925, Battleship Potemkin, regarded by many as a masterpiece of storytelling and cinematics, was the cause of quite a stir for its time. Unfortunately, it was banned in many countries due to its violent content.

The film tells the story of the crew of the Battleship Potemkin's revolt against their tsarist leaders. Censors in many countries banned the film out of a concern that their own citizens and navies might be inspired to revolt. Britain's ban on the film was not lifted until 1954, making it the second-longest ban placed on a film in British history.

Battleship Potemkin also contains a scene considered by some to be unrivaled in the history of film. The so-called "Odessa Stairs Sequence" shows tsarist troops advancing down a set of steps, shooting and killing townspeople relentlessly and mercilessly.

[center][img]http://www.usspotemkin.com/summer03/images/potemkin-odessa.gif[/img] A frame from the Odessa Stairs Sequence showing a mother carrying her ill child up the stairs, begging for mercy. Image courtesy of alex9989@aol.com and his review of the film, found [url]http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/Forum/6370/battleshippotemkin.html[urldesc]here[/url].[/center]

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