A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


A week and a half after leaving the Rogasa System, the Potemkin was limping toward Starbase 73. The engineers had done their best to repair some of the damage garnered during the fight with the Ascendant, but a layover at the starbase was necessary. However, en route, the sensors detected something unusual - an unknown ship not transmitting any identification information. After clearing it with their final destination, the 'Tem diverted course to check it out.

The ship came up upon the unknown vessel, which the database was unable to identify. Warp followed the next logical course and hailed the vessel. The view screen came to life and the crew was greeted by the sight of five huddled humanoid figures. One of them announced that they were the Axlorian vessel Fellowship and asked what they could do for the 'Tem. Warp responded that he was merely curious about their appearance in Federation space, to which the Axlorians responded that they had not know they were trespassing. The conversation ensued from there, and it soon became apparent that the Axlorians were quite a different race.

Through the conversation it was learned that they all ran by fellowship - everyone was trained as a captain, doctor, engineer, or any other function. They had no leaders and had to converge and come to a communal consensus decision before doing anything. Their ship, however, had run into trouble when their transponder had malfunctioned and they couldn't get the information to fix it from their central database. Warp offered the assistance of the Potemkin's engineers and the Axlorians, after huddling to discuss it, agreed. Bom and Savage were tapped to transport over and Fuller was asked to accompany them.

Those staying aboard were a little concerned and not trusting of this new species, but Jordan and Warp expressed the view that there was nothing to be feared from the Axlorians. Bom and the his team beamed over to the Fellowship, where they were greeted by the delegation of five again. They were ushered into an engineering space and shown the problem. The Axlorians revealed that they did not have any industrial replicators, like a Federation vessel, but they transmitted a request to a central computer and received the part via transporter. The problem was that they could not contact the central computer because of the transponder. However, the 'Tem did pick up a general hail from the ship heading out toward a star 30 light years away. It seemed a general hail and request for aid, but Warp still had Melina monitor any more transmissions.

Bom and Savage learned that the Axlorian sensors were interconnected, in event that one ship was too far out to reach the central computer, the signal could be relayed across several ships. They also learned, in a strange twist of fate, that the Fellowship was heading toward the Rogasa System. They had registered that the star had mysteriously stopped admitting visible light and they were investigating. The away team remained coy about their involvement, but began to talk more about the Axlorian society. Meanwhile, Melina picked up another transmission, another request for aid but aimed at a distant star.

Then, to everyone's surprise, another hail was detected - this time heading toward the Fellowship. However, upon contacting Bom, Warp found out that the Axlorian vessel had not received any messages. At the same time Arkin and Rollands, who were experimenting in one of the science labs, reported that their was an EM field being generated by the Axlorian ship. The two problems, in concert, led the away team to the panel for the array. The problem was immediately obvious - a sparking spherical converter. Bom and Savage got to work and their labor produced a work transponder and receiver antenna. The Axlorian expressed their gratitude and the away team was able to beam back to the 'Tem - having encountered one of the stranger species in the galaxy.

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