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Ardarti System

A ternary star system located near the Idran Terminus of the Bajoran wormhole. It is notable for having two M-class planets, with Ardarti II being inhabited by a pre-industrial humanoid civilization.

The Potemkin was exploring the Ardarti system after being trapped for a month in the Gamma Quadrant. There they came across two Ferengi brothers, Pelk and Brant, who were making contact with the inhabitants of the system and also receiving (and then selling) information about a stable wormhole in the Delta Quadrant from the Hirogen. Bom and the crew intercepted these messages and made sure the Ferengi did not further contact the inhabitants in exchange for not spreading the information around.

(The system is not named in the sim, so the name here comes from the Ardarti, the race inhabiting the second planet).

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