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Alpha Quadrant species originating from Wotal Prime, a planet out past the coreward edge of the Izar Sector. As a species, they are tall and slender, with skin coloration ranging from white to gray. They have red hair and equally red eyes.

They are a warp capable and their technology seems on par with the Federation. They have proven very adept at computer software and on at least two occasions have effected the 'Tem's systems with computer viruses.

The Potemkin first encountered them during "Where the Old Meets the New," when they were represented by the over zealous Captain Rin. Rin would return again as an antagonist in "When Gods Expire," "For Aeirton and Pride," "Detente," and "A Breather."

From the first encounter, and the events of "Meridian," it seemed that the Wotal considered the Nerians, a species from a neighboring system, to be inferior and useful only as labor. However it is now guessed that there are differing opinions on the subject in their society, with only the hard liners like Rin holding this bigoted opinion.

The Wotal allied themselves with the Romulans and Cardassians during the lastest conflict, and Wotel vessels were present at all the major engagements.

Once the war had ended, the Federation was able to open a diplomatic dialouge with the Wotal due in part to the actions of the Potemkin in "Detente." Captain Ser of the Wotal was assigned as an ambassador to the Federation.

Unfortunately, the Wotal were soon in the midst of a civil war as Rin challenged the sitting government and drew some influential supporters to his side. Fighting broke out on Wotal Prime, but eventually Rin was able to establish himself as the new head of the Wotal people.

Under Rin's leadership, the Wotal launched a force against Neria once the planet had entered negotiations to join the Federation. The plan was ultimately defeated but the Wotal had now become the self proclaimed enemy of the Federation.

The Wotal Confederation is a loose affiliation of several systems beyond the farthest Federation borders in the Alpha Quadrant. Wotal space traditionally begins where Nerian space ends.

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