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Statistics: Height Range: 2.1m - 2.5m Weight Range: 50kg - 100kg Gender: Asexual Age Range: Unknown Hair Colors: No hair Eye colors: Black/blue ellipses

Special Attributes: Telepathic Speech Telekinetic Powers Claw-like Hands Slit Shaped Mouth Razor Teeth

The Trai'Dar are a new species, discovered only one year ago. They were discovered in orbit of an unnamed planet located in the Beta Quadrant. The U.S.S. Potemkin discovered the Trai'Dar on the planet during the mission spanning stardates 10109.27 and 10110.04. The Potemkin's away team discovered mutilated corpses in a cave and saw the Trai'Dar in one of the caves. Meanwhile, the Potemkin itself was attacked by a Trai'Dar ship. The Potemkin was able to beat the Trai'Dar, and beamed the away team off of the planet. The away team was able to bring one of the Trai'Dar's bodies back to the ship. Before it destroyed itself, it screamed out, "We are the Trai'Dar. All will die," in its telepathic language.

On stardates 10301.09 - 10301.16 the Trai'Dar were again sighted in the Cair Andross and Dunharrow Systems. One ship destroyed three top-of-the-line Starfleet vessels in a matter of hours. The Potemkin again made contact with the Trai'Dar, fighting them into the Path of the Dead asteriod belt. There, the explosive asteriods collided with the hull of the Trai'Dar vessels, and in a final blaze of glory, they rammed into a huge asteriod and exploded violently. Two more Trai'Dar vessels warped in and forced the Potemkin to land on Dunharrow III. There they were able to rescue survivors from the U.S.S. Sato. Members of the Away Team were attacked and one was captured. He was found later with a dead Trai'Dar. When the Potemkin tried to beam them away, it was discovered that something in the Trai'Dar blood made transport impossible, so the away team was forced to strip to be beamed aboard. The Trai'Dar body was brought to the Potemkin's Sickbay and underwent an autopsy by the chief medical officer.

The Trai'Dar are a tall race, and those that have been seen are within the parameters of those above. They have thick, gray skin and are rather slender. They have three fingers, with the middle being slightly longer than the other two. Each finger is topped with dagger sharp, black colored nails. They have rounded feet with black nails akin to those of animal hooves. Apparently, they have no external genitalia. Trai'Dar skulls are very slender. They have an oval shape, except at the top where it grows into a curved tail-like protrusion. The eyes of the Trai'Dar stretch from their nostril holes to halfway around their skulls. The mouth is a vertical slit which barely opens when they walk around, but it is speculated that their jaw unhinges and allows them to eat. The Trai'Dar can blend in with their backgrounds, to an extent.

From the notes of Potemkin doctors: "Trai'Dar blood is grey and sometimes clear. There are elements in there that cannnot be described that seem to disable transport when outside of a body." "[The Trai'Dar] have four hearts arrayed in a square shape. They have thin veins, but at certain times the veins lead into thicker veins that splinter into millions of even thinner veins. It's strange. They have a large stomach with no evidence of intestines or any bowel system. Speculation leads me to believe that the Trai'Dar digest everything they eat, but it is used up over time. They have a large nervous system nearly three times more than powerful than that of humans. It is also now known that the Trai'Dar are indeed asexual, as they contain what would be percieved as ovaries and a small pouch of what we think is sperm. No other major discoveries were made beyond these."

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