A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


The Qualitarians are a fierce race bent on domination and control. They are characteristically tall and muscular, with red skin pigmentation, yellow eye color, and dark hair.

There technology is advanced, possessing thorium based weapons, along with shielded torpedoes and highly developed phasers capable of cutting through Federation shields.

They were responsible for the destruction of the civilization of Arkia, which they did in an attempt to gain control of their portal technology. They wished to use this to the ends of dominating many different planets. However, the planet was destroyed without them getting their hands on the portals and they still search for a way to gain control of them.

The Potemkin encountered a Qualitarian vessel, and its captain R'Laumon, when they detected Commander Arkin's attempts to recreate her people's technology. The two vessels fought a heated battle, with the Qualitarians causing high damage to the Potemkin. During this same time, as a show of force, they destroyed a populated moon.

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