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Alpha Quadrant species from the Outer Izar region near the Wotal Confederation.

The Nerians are low warp capable, but lack the technological level of the Federation or even their neighbors, the Wotal. As a species they were treated as inferior by certain aspects of Wotal society.

They were first encountered during the events of "When the Old Meets the New" when the Potemkin found a Nerian freighter, The Pride of Neria, adrift near Izar. The crew helped repair the damaged ship and made friends with the Nerians. This action also led the introduction of the Wotal.

Later, in "Meridian" the 'Tem and a caravan of other ships were sent to evacuate as many Nerians as possible from their home planet. The Wotal had set up a terrorist plot to destroy the Nerian sun and obliterate the planet. The Nerian refugees were then resettled on Artemis V.

The Nerians remained friendly to the Federation, and were encountered again when the crew somehow caused their homeworld to reappear during the events of "What is and Never Should Be."

Eventually talks continued to the point that the Nerians applied for membership in the Federation. This they did, despite Wotal opposition.

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