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Lightfeet, The

The Lightfeet (or The People, "vonariki-si," in their language) are a powerful nomadic species who travel the universe in a large "ark-ship." Given their name due to their tendency to wander, the Lightfeet spend several years in one star system until they have exhausted all its resources, then move on to another and start the process over again.

Humanoid in form, the Lightfeet do not actually travel in their ark-ship. Instead, their essential genetic material is carried by the ship, along with a repository of their memories. Upon arriving in a new place, the ship automatically "awakens" the people in groups, allowing them to begin constructing a civilization with raw materials collected by the ship.

The Lightfeet arrived on the planet Odessa VIII in the Alpha Quadrant in April 2390 (TEM: "Transmogrification"). By November 2390, they had transformed their planet into an ecumenopolis (TEM: "Homeworld Reborn"), reaching Kardashev Type I status. Less than two months later they were drawing energy directly from the star Odessa via a massive plasma streamer and were dismantling the uninhabited planets in the system (TEM: "Graduation").

By April 2391, they had reached Kardashev Type II status, and nearby planets reported spacial disturbances due to the changes in the Odessa System. They used mass from the destroyed planets to compensate for the energy drawn from the star, but an error in calculations caused Odessa to begin to collapse. It went supernova, forcing the Lightfeet to hastily depart in their ark-ship nine months earlier than planned. (TEM: "Neighborhood Watch")

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