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Ascendant, The

An aquatic/amphibious race distantly related to other water breathing species such as the Argosians. The Ascendant come from the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant, sectors away from the furthest Klingon Outpost. No home world or system has every been mentioned.

Physically they have blue-green skin and an average male stands around 1.5 meters tall and possesses jet black hair. They breath through a series of gill slits on their face, possessing no nose. The eyes are rather large, most likely due to their evolution from fish. It was revealed that they, unlike their distant cousins, the Rogasans, they could not see in the infrared or even most of the red spectrum of light. An Ascendant male can be muscular, even handsome. Due to their aquatic based physiology, their speech is a high pitched tone similar to Earth dolphins.

They are technologically advanced and very adept at draining power. Their main weapons are designed to weaken an enemies shields, and even their hand weapons drain energy out weapons and living tissue alike. They also have produced mines that attach themselves to enemy ships and drain or reroute power. The foot soldiers have meter long shields that absorb power and, despite having energy weapons, they will fight with long swords. Only in warp technology do they lag behind the other major galactic powers. However, the royal transport appeared to have fast warp engines than the rest of their fleet, suggesting they have the capability for fast travel.

The Ascendent political structural appears to be a monarchy, complete with king and crown prince. The royal court also contains a Prima'sari, or majordomo. By the time of the first contact between the Federation and the Ascendent, the Prima'sari had usurped the throne after the king's death and imprisoned the Zafi, the rightful prince. It was this Prima'sari who would lead the Ascendent from their home in the Beta Quadrant.

The Ascendant were originally encountered by the Klingons and Romulans on the far side of their borders. They were not interested in respecting borders or making contact, and smashed any opposition sent against them. Command Rokan, formerly of the Romulan navy, contacted the Federation to spread news of this new threat. The Potemkin encountered an Ascendant vessel, and were informed that they were seeking their "Fablehome" and none would stand in their way. "Fablehome", known to the Argosians as the afterlife, was where the Ascendant would descend and make a new home.

The crew later found out from Rokan that the Ascendant were heading toward a planet on the edge of Federation space called Rogasa IV. It supported life, another species that had made the transition from water to air breathing. Unfortunately, the Rogasans were a pre-warp society, so there was little the 'Tem could do to stop the Ascendant. Arkin and Melina theorized that they were heading toward a variety of planets that supported aquatic or amphibious sentient life. A bold plan was hatched to hide Rogasa IV, but it was only partially successful and the 'Tem was badly damaged in a related skirmish.

Months later The Ascendent were spotted in the vicinity of the Holt Nebula. Upon arriving the Potemkin learned The Ascendent had been lured there by the Nefario. The Saylerites had set up an ambush in retaliation for The Ascendent destroying their ships and outposts. However, the Nefario and the 'Tem were once again no match and the battle quickly turned into a rout. Then at the end of the battle, The Ascendant surprised everyone when a giant Planet Killer appeared by their side, swallowing up the entire nebula. With the monstrosity in step, they warped away.

The Potemkin was left after the battle with an Ascendant device that latched onto the hull during the fighting and began to drain power from the ship. It also tampered with the inertial dampers and propulsion system. A team had to perform an EVA to remove it before the 'Tem was able to drop out of warp.

The 'Tem would continue to seek the Ascendent in following weeks, and the crew went through several drills to find a way to combat this formidable new race and stop their Planet Killer weapon.

Eventually the crew would ambush the royal transport, which lagged behind the rest of the fleet, and beam aboard. Here they rescued the captured Jo-el and Zafi and learn about the Prima'sari usurping the throne. They would also learn that the Ascendent considered Bajor to be their Fablehome and would arrive in one month to destroy everyone there and claim it as their own.

A flotilla of five Ascendent ships and the Planet Killer appeared a month later over Bajor, where they were engaged by the Potemkin and a small flotilla of Starfleet vessels and Bajoran fighters. Four of the vessels were ultimately destroyed, although they did significant damage to the flotilla. The Ascendent warned the Bajorans that they had come to take back their home from the "evil gods" that had forced them to millennia earlier. They unleashed the Planet Killer on the wormhole, and it nearly destroyed it, but the 'Tem rammed the weapon on a suicide run. The Prophets, or wormhole aliens, intervened and save the 'Tem, but it left the wormhole inactive for a month. During that time the 'Tem, stuck in the Gamma Quadrant, had no idea of what had become of the remaining Ascendent.

A month later the 'Tem returned to the Alpha Quadrant and found no sign of the Ascendent, and everything seemed to be at peace. Some intelligence gathering found that Prince Zafi had managed to gain control of his people again and had negotiated a settlement with the Federation. He and his people had found a planet near Cardassia in the 51 Pegasi System where to settle. They have not caused trouble since.

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