A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


The Arkians were a peaceful, scientifically-advanced species. They are humanoid in appearance, but also have a special organ connected to their brain that allows them to render themselves invisible and mask their life signs. They were an exploratory race, but instead of building inter-stellar ships, they developed portal technology where with they could transport to other worlds and observe them.

Their home world was eventually attacked and rendered (mostly) lifeless by the Qualitarians, who desired to have their portal technology to conquer other worlds. However, twelve children were secreted away in a cloaked cavern and eventually picked up by a Federation starship.

It was later discovered that a few hundred more survivors were able to secret themselves away in a large chamber full of information on the planet Arkia. This pocket of survivors was first discovered by Aieryn, one of the twelve children, and later the Potemkin.

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