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Wotal Prime

Home world of the Wotal race. It appears gray-blue from orbit and has a vast system of communications relays. The capital is referred to as the First City. It was protected by the Wotal Defense Force who had a fleet of well armed ships.

The Potemkin was assigned extended duty around Wotal during initial negotiations with the Wotal and during the coup by Captain Rin.

There was a major accident over Wotal when a shuttle, carrying Lieutenant Marquez and five others, had it's systems interrupted by signal of the communications relay and the shuttle plowed into one. The shuttle Illustrious and all six crew members were lost.

The Eastern provinces were a hilled district with farms, teaming with abundant vegetation called the "grulja plant". Fighting broke out in this district between Rin's supporters and the Wotal Defense Force.

The Potemkin-A was lost over Wotal Prime when its drive and saucer section crashed into an uninhabited stretch of land and ocean, respectively.

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