A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Rogasa IV

World on the borders of Federation space in the Beta Quadrant. Although M-class, very little light from its sun filtered through the atmosphere and it had a very cold climate. It contained many bodies of water and the native Rogasans had evolved from fish that had lived in its oceans. Although it had plenty of aquatic life, apparently mammals and other such animals had never evolved on it. The planet had a quickly industrializing society that had just invented radio.

An away team from the Potemkin beamed down to the Rogasa IV to observe the native population when it was thought that they might draw a looming Ascendant vessel to them. However, they were discovered because the natives could see well into the infrared region and detected the crew's heat signatures. An alternate plan was hatched to basically hide the planet by limited the sun's emission to everything lower than the red wavelengths of the visual spectrum of light and also to produce a number of sensor ghosts. It was partially successful, the Ascendant left Rogasa IV alone, but the 'Tem was heavily damaged for their troubles.

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