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The Nerian homeworld. An M-Class planet in the Yed Posterior (Epsilon Ophiuchi) Star System in the Alpha Quadrant. The Nerian system borders Wotal space. It was destroyed during the events of "Meridian" when the Wotal managed to cause their sun to go nova.

Neria was also the site to an Iconian portal. Part of the crew encountered this portal while trapped in an alternate universe in "What Is And Should Never Be." Due to their actions, the world materialized completely intact in our universe.

After the Nerians applied to join the Federation, a flotilla of several ships, including the Potemkin, were called to guard Neria from any expected Wotal incursions. The Bellerophon and the de Ruyter were left in orbit of Neria to guard the planet as its membership in the Federation was worked out.

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