A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


A lush word with orange jungles, green seas, and volcanic activity in its southern hemisphere. Mohn is located near the Idran Terminus of the Bajoran wormhole. It had been under Dominion control during the war and only visited once by the Federation.

The Potemkin visited Mohn while trapped in the Gamma Quadrant and found it irradiated with Beltane radiation, an artificial radiation usually produced by created wormholes. An away team found that a Vromir, a Vorta, and his Jem'Hadar had come back to the planet after war and convinced the locals that the Dominion was still winning and had conquered their planet. Vromir forced them to build his artificial wormhole, despite the health of the Mohnian, so he could get back to the Founders. The away team took out his small force and put an end to Vromir's plan.

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