A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Hur'q Planet

A small lone world orbiting a blue. It was approximately the size of Mars and covered in clouds that appeared indigo, purple, dark blue, and spotted with black flecks from the space. The clouds had an ash concentration of 40 percent, which filtered the sunlight coming from the nearby star. Because of this cover, it was colder than Earth, with the average equatorial temperature being only 12 degree Celsius. As a result the poles were warmer than the equator, thus preserving an ecological balance.

The world hosted expansive rain forest, with trees and shrubbery that were blue, white, and indigo along with pale yellow grass-like plants.

The Potemkin were attracted to the planet because of its oddities while being trapped in the Gamma Quadrant. There they discovered an underground complex that turned out to be a Hur'q outpost. There the team encountered a living Hur'q and was infected with a virus meant to transform them in to Hur'q themselves. They only narrowed avoided this fate.

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