A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


A small, solitary system deep in the Beta Quadrant. It was the home to an under-developed proto-Klingon species.

It was also one of the "seed" planets where an ancient race had planted genetic material and an obelisk-shaped device that acted as a beacon and communications device.

An away team from the USS Goodall, aboard the runabout Ishikari, traveled to Erum to study the inhabitants. However, lightning storms caused by the Obelisk would not allow the Ishikari to leave. The Potemkin picked up their distress signal and responded, only to be confronted by the planet's inhabitants and taken to the Obelisk.

It was there that a holographic figure emerged and said that Erum had failed as an experiment and would be destroyed. However, mistaking the away team's runabout for that of the planet's natives, it suddenly declared the planet would be spared.

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