A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Benevento IV

A barely habitable world in the Benevento system.

Benevento IV was the designated destination of a group of Neo-Transcendentalist. They chose the location because of it's proximity to the Ficus Sector, the home of Bringloidi (whom they sought to emulate). According to Dryden, their leader, the other planets in the Benevento system were either uninhabitable or already colonized.

Dryden and his group seized control of the USS Cincinnatus to ferry his followers to Benevento IV because its scientific equipment would help terraform the planet. The Potemkin crew were dispatched in the Nova-class Anio to retrieve the stolen vessel. The encounter did not go well; the Cincinnatus was destroyed and Dryden and his skeleton crew were detained and unable to reached Benevento IV.

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